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A very simple chipboard containing a single rom chip and CIC chip.

All PCB information based on a document by Overload

Supported ROM sizes

The information on ROM size is unknown

Supported RAM sizes

This PCB does not have a RAM chip

On-board chips

Chip numberChip type

ROM Registration

A properly formatted internal header should have these values

The ROM registraion information is unknown

Memory Mapping

In order to get a game to work properly on an emulator, the following mapping should be used for this PCB.

The memory mapping is unknown

Games that use this PCB type:

Game Name Region Serial Code
Dragon Ball Z: Super Butouden France SFRA-Z2-0
Goof Troop France SFRA-G6-0
Super Dany France SPAL-AVDF-0
Humans, The Germany SFRG-U9-0
Legend of the Mystical Ninja Germany SFRG-GG-0
Plok! Germany SFRG-P4-0
Batman Returns Japan SHVC-BJ-0
Daibakushou Jinsei Gekijou Japan SHVC-GH-0
Demon's Blazon Japan SHVC-3Z-0
Kid Klown in Crazy Chase Japan SHVC-ZI-0
King of Rally, The Japan SHVC-KP-0
NBA All-Star Challenge Japan SHVC-NB-0
NBA Pro Basketball - Bulls Vs Blazers Japan SHVC-BU-0
Pro Mahjong Kiwame Japan SHVC-ZZ-1
Space Invaders Japan SNS-IC-0
Super Famista 2 Japan SHVC-FI-0
Super H.Q. Criminal Chaser Japan SHVC-HF-0
Super Uno Japan SHVC-UN-1
Yuu Yuu Hakusho 2 - Kakutou no Shou Japan SHVC-Y2-0
Addams Family, The PAL SPAL-AF-0
Adventures of Dr. Franken, The PAL SPAL-6F-0
Adventures of Mighty Max, The PAL SPAL-AMOP-0
Aero the Acro-Bat PAL SPAL-XB-0
Aero the Acro-Bat 2 PAL SPAL-AE2P-0
Alfred Chicken PAL SPAL-8A-0
Alien 3 PAL SPAL-A3-0
Alien vs Predator PAL SPAL-AP-0
All-American Championship Football PAL SPAL-LU-0
Animaniacs PAL SPAL-ANCP-0
Another World PAL SPAL-TW-0
Archer Maclean's Super Dropzone PAL SPAL-ASDP-0
Ardy Lightfoot PAL SPAL-A9-0
Asterix PAL SPAL-XE-0
Axelay PAL SPAL-AX-0
Batman Returns PAL SPAL-BJ-0
BattleClash PAL SPAL-BT-0
Battletoads Double Dragon - The Ultimate Team PAL SPAL-UL-0
Beauty and the Beast (Disney's) PAL SPAL-EW-0
Beethoven's 2nd: The Ultimate Canine Caper PAL SPAL-2V-0
Best of the Best - Championship Karate PAL SPAL-BE-0
Biker Mice From Mars PAL SPAL-AMBP-0
Biometal PAL SPAL-BV-0
Blackhawk PAL SPAL-6Z-0
Blazing Skies PAL SPAL-WG-0
Blues Brothers PAL SPAL-B6-0
Brainies, The PAL SPAL-B7-0
Bram Stoker's Dracula PAL SPAL-5D-0
Brett Hull Hockey PAL SPAL-5Y-0
Brutal: Paws of Fury PAL SPAL-ABLP-0
Bulls Vs Blazers and the NBA Playoffs PAL SPAL-BU-0
Cal Ripken Jr. Baseball PAL SPAL-CJ-0
Captain America and the Avengers PAL SPAL-6A-0
Champions World Class Soccer PAL SPAL-8W-0
Championship Pool PAL SPAL-5P-0
Choplifter III PAL SPAL-3C-0
Cliffhanger PAL SPAL-6C-0
Congo's Caper PAL SPAL-J2-0
Cool Spot PAL SPAL-C8-0
Cool World PAL SPAL-CD-0
Cybernator PAL SPAL-AV-0
Daffy Duck: The Marvin Missions PAL SPAL-YF-0
David Crane's Amazing Tennis PAL SPAL-ZT-0
Daze Before Christmas PAL SPAL-ADCP-0
Death and Return of Superman, The PAL SPAL-9D-0
Demon's Crest PAL SPAL-3Z-0
Dennis PAL SPAL-4D-0
Desert Strike - Return to the Gulf PAL SPAL-RG-0
Dino City PAL SPAL-DW-0
Duel, The - Test Drive II PAL SPAL-DL-0
ESPN Baseball Tonight PAL SPAL-EV-0
Earth Defence Force PAL SPAL-ED-0
Eek! The Cat PAL SPAL-E7-0
Eric Cantona Football Challenge (France), Striker (Europe) PAL SPAL-EC-0
Eric Cantona Football Challenge (France), Striker (Europe) PAL SPAL-KE-0
FIFA International Soccer PAL SPAL-84-0
Final Knockout PAL SPAL-LL-0
First Samurai PAL SPAL-FK-0
Flintstones, The: Treasure of Sierra Madrock PAL SPAL-9F-0
Full Throttle: All-American Racing PAL SPAL-AFTP-0
Fun 'n Games PAL SPAL-7N-0
Ghoul Patrol PAL SPAL-AGJP-0
Goof Troop PAL SPAL-G6-0
Harley's Humongous Adventure PAL SPAL-HV-0
Hebereke's Popoon PAL SPAL-HU-0
Home Alone PAL SPAL-HA-0
Home Alone 2: Lost in New York PAL SPAL-HN-0
Humans, The PAL SPAL-U9-0
Hunt for Red October, The PAL SPAL-RO-0
Hurricanes PAL SPAL-AHUP-0
Hyper V-Ball PAL SPAL-HQ-0
Incredible Crash Dummies, The PAL SPAL-C7-0
Incredible Hulk, The PAL SPAL-8U-0
International Tennis Tour PAL SPAL-IT-0
Jack Nicklaus Golf PAL SPAL-JN-0
James Bond Jr. PAL SPAL-JJ-0
James Pond’s Crazy Sports PAL SPAL-JX-0
Joe & Mac - Caveman Ninja PAL SPAL-JT-0
John Madden Football '93 PAL SPAL-MF-0
Jurassic Park II: The Chaos Continues PAL SPAL-A2JP-0
Kick Off 3: European Challenge PAL SPAL-37-0
King Arthur's World PAL SPAL-RC-0
King of the Monsters PAL SPAL-KM-0
Lamborghini American Challenge PAL SPAL-L8-0
Last Action Hero PAL SPAL-L5-0
Lawnmower Man, The PAL SPAL-LW-0
Legend PAL SPAL-6L-0
Legend of the Mystical Ninja PAL SPAL-GG-0
Lethal Enforcers PAL SPAL-LK-0
Lethal Weapon PAL SPAL-L3-0
Looney Tunes: Road Runner PAL SPAL-DV-0
Lost Vikings, The PAL SPAL-LV-0
Magic Boy PAL SNSP-YG-0
Magic Sword PAL SPAL-MD-0
Magical Quest Starring Mickey Mouse, The PAL SPAL-MI-1
Magical Quest Starring Mickey Mouse, The PAL SPAL-MI-0
Major Title PAL SPAL-MT-0
Mario is Missing! PAL SPAL-MU-0
Mario's Time Machine PAL SPAL-8M-0
Mickey Mania PAL SPAL-AMIP-0
Micro Machines PAL SPAL-AH3P-0
Mighty Morphin Power Rangers PAL SPAL-52-0
NBA All-Star Challenge PAL SPAL-NB-0
NFL Football PAL SPAL-NF-0
NHL Hockey '94 PAL SPAL-4H-0
Newman Haas Indy Car Featuring Nigel Mansell PAL SPAL-ANMP-0
Nigel Mansell's World Championship Racing PAL SPAL-M8-0
Nigel Mansell's World Championship Racing PAL SPAL-M8-1
On The Ball PAL SPAL-CT-0
Operation: Logic Bomb PAL SPAL-IY-0
Out to Lunch PAL SPAL-P8-0
Outlander PAL SPAL-LD-0
Pac-Attack PAL SPAL-P9-0
Pagemaster, The PAL SPAL-APMP-0
Parodius PAL SPAL-PD-0
Phalanx - The Enforce Fighter A-144 PAL SPAL-PH-0
Pinball Fantasies PAL SPAL-APFP-0
Pink Goes To Hollywood PAL SPAL-YW-0
Pirates of Dark Water, The PAL SPAL-8P-0
Pit Fighter PAL SPAL-PF-0
Pitfall: The Mayan Adventure PAL SPAL-APAP-0
Plok! PAL SPAL-P4-0
Pop ‘N Twinbee PAL SPAL-PT-0
Pop'n TwinBee: Rainbow Bell Adventures PAL SPAL-T7-0
Power Drive PAL SPAL-APWP-0
PowerMonger PAL SPAL-PM-0
Prince of Persia PAL SPAL-PR-0
Pushover PAL SPAL-PV-0
R-Type III: The Third Lightning PAL SPAL-ER-0
Race Drivin' PAL SPAL-RV-0
Radical Rex PAL SPAL-ARRP-0
Road Riot 4WD PAL SPAL-RR-0
Robocop 3 PAL SPAL-R3-0
Rock n' Roll Racing PAL SPAL-RN-0
Shanghai II: Dragon's Eye PAL SPAL-DE-0
Side Pocket PAL SPAL-4P-0
Sink Or Swim PAL SPAL-9J-0
Skyblazer PAL SPAL-LZ-0
Smash Tennis PAL SPAL-JA-0
Smurfs, The PAL SPAL-8R-0
Sonic Blast Man PAL SPAL-SK-0
Sonic Blast Man PAL SNS-SK-0
Space Ace PAL SPAL-5A-0
Sparkster PAL SPAL-ASSP-0
Spectre PAL SPAL-7Q-0
Spider-Man and the X-Men in Arcade's Revenge PAL SPAL-MN-0
Spiderman and Venom: Maximum Carnage PAL SPAL-AMCP-0
Spindizzy Worlds PAL SPAL-SX-0
Star Trek Starfleet Academy PAL SPAL-ASTP-0
Street Fighter II - The World Warrior PAL SPAL-S2-0
Street Racer PAL SPAL-ASRP-0
Super Aleste PAL SPAL-AT-0
Super Battletank PAL SPAL-SB-0
Super Battletank 2 PAL SPAL-2X-0
Super Castlevania IV PAL SPAL-AD-0
Super Chase H.Q. PAL SPAL-QT-0
Super Double Dragon PAL SPAL-WD-0
Super Ghouls 'N Ghosts PAL SPAL-CM-0
Super Off Road PAL SPAL-OR-0
Super Pang PAL SPAL-SN-0
Super Pinball: Behind the Mask PAL SPAL-XP-0
Super Putty PAL SPAL-YU-0
Super Return of the Jedi PAL SPAL-ARJP-0
Super Scope 6 PAL SPAL-LR-0
Super Soccer PAL SPAL-FS-0
Super Star Wars PAL SPAL-V4-0
Super Strike Eagle PAL SPAL-EG-0
Super Strike Gunner PAL SPAL-SG-0
Super Troll Islands PAL SPAL-5L-0
Super Turrican PAL SPAL-TU-0
Super Widget PAL SPAL-WI-0
Syndicate PAL SPAL-AFYP-0
Syvalion PAL SPAL-SY-0
T2: The Arcade Game PAL SPAL-XV-0
TKO Super Championship Boxing PAL SPAL-BX-0
Taz-Mania PAL SPAL-TZ-0
Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles - Tournament Fighters PAL SPAL-KY-0
Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles - Tournament Fighters PAL SPAL-8F-0
Terminator, The PAL SPAL-TN-0
The Chessmaster PAL SPAL-CH-0
Time Trax PAL SPAL-X8-0
Tiny Toon Adventures: Buster Busts Loose! PAL SPAL-TA-0
Tiny Toon Adventures: Wild & Wacky Sports PAL SPAL-5Z-0
Tom & Jerry PAL SPAL-TJ-0
Troddlers PAL SPAL-TX-0
Tuff E Nuff PAL SPAL-TE-0
Turn and Burn: No Fly Zone PAL SPAL-ZN-0
Val d'Isère Championship PAL SPAL-8V-0
Val d'Isère Championship PAL SPAL-8Z-0
Virtual Bart PAL SPAL-AVBP-0
WarpSpeed PAL SPAL-WP-0
Wayne's World PAL SPAL-WW-0
We're Back! A Dinosaur's Story PAL SPAL-6D-0
Wing Commander PAL SPAL-WC-0
Wing Commander 2: The Secret Missions PAL SPAL-2W-0
Wolverine: Adamantium Rage PAL SPAL-AWXP-0
X-Kaliber 2097 PAL SPAL-X7-0
Yogi Bear's Cartoon Caper PAL SPAL-Y8-0
Yoshi's Cookie PAL SPAL-YC-0
Yoshi's Safari PAL SPAL-RH-0
Young Merlin PAL SPAL-Y6-0
Zombies PAL SPAL-ZA-0
Zool - Ninja of the Nth Dimension PAL SPAL-Z8-0
3 Ninjas Kick Back USA SNS-A3NE-0
Addams Family Values USA SNS-VY-0
Adventures of Batman & Robin, The USA SNS-ABTE-0
Adventures of Dr. Franken, The USA SNS-6F-0
Adventures of Mighty Max, The USA SNS-AMOE-0
Adventures of Rocky and Bullwinkle and Friends, The USA SNS-RZ-0
Adventures of Yogi Bear, The USA SNS-Y8-0
Aero the Acro-Bat USA SNS-XB-0
Aero the Acro-Bat 2 USA SNS-AE2E-0
Al Unser Jr's Road to the Top USA SNS-AUJE-0
Alien 3 USA SNS-A3-0
American Gladiators USA SNS-AA-0
Andre Agassi Tennis USA SNS-7A-0
Battle Grand Prix USA SNS-BG-0
BattleClash USA SNS-BT-0
Battletoads Double Dragon - The Ultimate Team USA SNS-UL-0
Battletoads in Battlemaniacs USA SNS-NX-0
Beauty and the Beast (Disney's) USA SNS-EW-0
Bebe's Kids USA SNS-6B-0
Biker Mice From Mars USA SNS-ABME-0
Blackthorne USA SNS-6Z-0
Blues Brothers USA SNS-B6-0
Bonkers (Disney's) USA SNS-ABNE-0
Boxing Legends of the Ring USA SNS-LL-0
BreakThru! USA SNS-ABXE-0
Brett Hull Hockey '95 USA SNS-ABHE-0
Brutal: Paws of Fury USA SNS-ABLE-0
Bubsy In: Claws Encounters of the Furred Kind USA SNS-UY-0
Bulls Vs Blazers and the NBA Playoffs USA SNS-BU-0
Bulls Vs Blazers and the NBA Playoffs USA SNS-BU-1
Cacoma Knight in Bizyland USA SNS-CC-0
Cal Ripken Jr. Baseball USA SNS-CJ-0
California Games II USA SNS-C2-0
Capcom's MVP Football USA SNS-NL-0
Captain America and the Avengers USA SNS-6A-0
Champions World Class Soccer USA SNS-8W-0
Chavez II USA SNS-AC2E-0
Choplifter III USA SNS-3C-0
Cliffhanger USA SNS-6C-0
Congo's Caper USA SNS-J2-0
Contra III: The Alien Wars USA SNS-CS-0
Cool Spot USA SNS-C8-0
Daffy Duck: The Marvin Missions USA SNS-YF-0
David Crane's Amazing Tennis USA SNS-ZT-0
Demon's Crest USA SNS-3Z-0
Desert Strike - Return to the Gulf USA SNS-RG-0
Duel, The - Test Drive II USA SNS-DL-0
ESPN Baseball Tonight USA SNS-EV-0
Eek! The Cat USA SNS-E7-0
FIFA International Soccer USA SNS-84-0
Family Dog USA SNS-D8-0
Final Fight Guy USA SNS-FY-0
Firepower 2000 USA SNS-FW-0
Firestriker USA SNS-3S-0
Flintstones, The: Treasure of Sierra Madrock USA SNS-9F-0
Football Fury USA SNS-UF-0
Full Throttle: All-American Racing USA SNS-AFTE-0
Fun 'n Games USA SNS-7N-0
Ghoul Patrol USA SNS-AGJE-0
Hammerlock Wrestling USA SNS-LJ-0
Harley's Humongous Adventure USA SNS-HV-0
Hit The Ice USA SNS-HC-0
Hurricanes USA SNS-AHUE-0
Hyper V-Ball USA SNS-HQ-0
Incredible Crash Dummies, The USA SNS-C7-0
Incredible Hulk, The USA SNS-8U-0
Indiana Jones' Greatest Adventures USA SNS-AIJE-0
International Tennis Tour USA SNS-IT-0
Jammit USA SNS-J6-0
Jeopardy! USA SNS-JY-0
Jeopardy! Deluxe Edition USA SNS-7J-0
Jeopardy! Sports Edition USA SNS-8Y-0
Jetsons, The: Invasion of the Planet Pirates USA SNS-8J-0
Jim Power: The Lost Dimension in 3D USA SNS-6J-0
Jimmy Connors Pro Tennis Tour USA SNS-JC-0
Joe & Mac 2: Lost in the Tropics USA SNS-J3-0
John Madden Football '93 USA SNS-MF-0
John Madden Football '93 USA SNS-MF-1
Jurassic Park USA SNS-J8-0
Jurassic Park II: The Chaos Continues USA SNS-A2JE-0
Kendo Rage USA SNS-M7-0
Kid Klown in Crazy Chase USA SNS-ZI-0
King Arthur's World USA SNS-RC-0
King of the Monsters USA SNS-KM-0
Kirby's Avalanche USA SNS-PQ-0
Legend USA SNS-6L-0
Lethal Enforcers USA SNS-LK-0
Lethal Weapon USA SNS-L3-0
Lord of the Rings Volume 1, J.R.R. Tolkien's USA SNS-64-0
Lost Vikings, The USA SNS-LV-0
Magical Quest Starring Mickey Mouse, The USA SNS-MI-0
Mario Is Missing! USA SNS-MU-0
Mario's Time Machine USA SNS-8M-0
Mary Shelley's Frankenstein USA SNS-AFRE-0
Math Blaster - Episode One USA SNS-AMME-0
Mickey Mania: Timeless Adventures of Mickey USA SNS-AMIE-0
Mickey's Ultimate Challenge USA SNS-6U-0
Micro Machines USA SNS-AH3E-0
Mighty Morphin Power Rangers USA SNS-52-0
Mortal Kombat USA SNS-KX-0
Mr. Nutz USA SNS-N8-0
Musya: Classic Japanese Tale of Horror USA SNS-MY-0
NHL '94 USA SNS-4H-0
NHLPA Hockey '93 USA SNS-HY-0
Newman Haas Indy Car Featuring Nigel Mansell USA SNS-ANME-0
Nigel Mansell's World Championship Racing USA SNS-M8-0
No Escape USA SNS-ANOE-0
Operation: Logic Bomb USA SNS-IY-0
Out Of This World USA SNS-TW-0
Outlander USA SNS-LD-0
Pac-Attack USA SNS-P9-0
Pac-In-Time USA SNS-APTE-0
Pagemaster, The USA SNS-APME-0
Pinball Dreams USA SNS-7D-0
Pirates of Dark Water, The USA SNS-8P-0
Pitfall: The Mayan Adventure USA SNS-APAE-0
Plok! USA SNS-P4-0
Pocky & Rocky USA SNS-KK-0
Power Moves USA SNS-P3-0
Pro Quarterback USA SNS-QB-0
R-Type III: The Third Lightning USA SNS-ER-0
Radical Rex USA SNS-ARRE-0
Redline F-1 Racer USA SNS-6R-0
Relief Pitcher USA SNS-5R-0
Ren & Stimpy Show, The: Fire Dogs USA SNS-6Y-0
Rex Ronan: Experimental Surgeon USA SNS-XR-0
Road Runner's Death Valley Rally USA SNS-DV-0
Robocop Versus The Terminator USA SNS-VR-0
Rocky Rodent USA SNS-NP-0
Roger Clemens' MVP Baseball USA SNS-VP-1
Shanghai II: Dragon's Eye USA SNS-DE-0
Shien's Revenge USA SNS-OO-0
Side Pocket USA SNS-4P-0
Skiing and Snowboarding: Tommy Moe's Winter Extreme USA SNS-XS-0
Skyblazer USA SNS-LZ-0
Sküljagger: Revolt of the Westicans USA SNS-SL-0
Snow White in Happily Ever After USA SNS-ASHE-0
Sonic Blast Man USA SNS-SK-0
Space Ace USA SNS-5A-0
Space Megaforce USA SNS-AT-0
Sparkster USA SNS-ASSE-0
Spectre USA SNS-7Q-0
Spider-Man and the X-Men in Arcade's Revenge USA SNS-MN-0
Spiderman and Venom: Maximum Carnage USA SNS-AMCE-0
Spindizzy Worlds USA SNS-SX-0
Sports Illustrated Championship Football & Baseball USA SNS-LU-0
Star Trek Starfleet Academy USA SNS-ASTE-0
Star Trek The Next Generation: Future's Past USA SNS-XN-0
Steel Talons USA SNS-5S-0
Stone Protectors USA SNS-ASOE-0
Street Combat USA SNS-RA-0
Street Fighter II - The World Warrior USA SNS-S2-0
Street Racer USA SNS-ASRE-0
Sunset Riders USA SNS-6S-0
Super Alfred Chicken USA SNS-8A-0
Super Battleship USA SNS-8B-0
Super Battletank 2 USA SNS-2X-0
Super Buster Bros. USA SNS-SN-1
Super Caesar's Palace USA SNS-C6-0
Super Chase H.Q. USA SNS-QT-0
Super Copa USA SNS-75-0
Super Goal! 2 USA SNS-JV-0
Super High Impact USA SNS-HX-0
Super James Pond USA SNS-J5-0
Super Ninja Boy USA SNS-CW-0
Super Pinball: Behind the Mask USA SNS-XP-0
Super Putty USA SNS-YU-0
Super Return of the Jedi USA SNS-ARJE-0
Super Slam Dunk USA SNS-D9-0
Super Slap Shot USA SNS-ZX-0
Super Solitaire USA SNS-LT-0
Super Star Wars USA SNS-V4-0
Super Strike Eagle USA SNS-EG-0
Super Troll Islands USA SNS-5L-0
Super Turrican USA SNS-TU-0
Super Valis IV USA SNS-VA-0
Super Widget USA SNS-WI-0
Taz-Mania USA SNS-TZ-0
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Tournament Fighters USA SNS-KY-0
Terminator 2: Judgement Day USA SNS-TP-0
Terminator, The USA SNS-TN-0
Tetris 2 USA SNS-27-0
The Great Waldo Search USA SNS-GW-0
Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends USA SNS-6T-0
Tick, The USA SNS-ATHE-0
Time Trax USA SNS-X8-0
Timeslip USA SNS-XT-0
Tiny Toon Adventures: Buster Busts Loose! USA SNS-TA-0
Tiny Toon Adventures: Wacky Sports Challenge USA SNS-5Z-0
Top Gear 2 USA SNS-2P-0
Total Carnage USA SNS-XC-0
Troddlers USA SNS-TX-0
Turn and Burn: No Fly Zone USA SNS-ZN-0
Untouchables, The USA SNS-UC-0
Virtual Bart USA SNS-AVBE-0
WarpSpeed USA SNS-WP-0
We're Back! A Dinosaur's Story USA SNS-6D-0
Wheel Of Fortune USA SNS-WL-0
Where in Time is Carmen Sandiego? USA SNS-WN-0
Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego? USA SNS-WX-0
WildSnake USA SNS-AWSE-0
Wizard of Oz, The USA SNS-W6-0
Wolfchild USA SNS-WH-0
Wolverine: Adamantium Rage USA SNS-AWXE-0
X-Kaliber 2097 USA SNS-X7-0
Yoshi's Cookie USA SNS-YC-0
Young Merlin USA SNS-Y6-0
Zero: The Kamikaze Squirrel USA SNS-AZKE-0
Zombies Ate My Neighbors USA SNS-ZA-0
Zool - Ninja of the Nth Dimension USA SNS-Z8-0

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