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If you want to use a banner to link to my site, here is one that may suit your purposes:

Satellablog kiddocabbusses has done a great job of documenting and preserving Satellaview ROM images, the add-on for the Super Famicom.
SNES Freaks A German language SNES website. Currently, it is just a forum, but I hear there might be something in the woodwork. Website of d4s, probably the pre-eminent expert on SNES hardware and homebrew. He created homebrew games such as Super Road Blaster and N-Warp Daisakusen.
Zsnes Website Website of Zsnes, the classic SNES emulator. It is still great, but there are better choices for SNES emulation.
Byuu's Homepage Byuu is the authour of bsnes, a super-accurate Super NES emulator. This emulator is probably as close to simulating a real SNES as you can get, but you may have problems with older hardware.
SNES9x SNES9x is a highly compatible SNES emulator, with ports on most hardware. A community of hardcore gamers and collectors, mostly former regulars of Digital Press.
This website focuses on reviews of Japanese 8 and 16 bit systems. There is a nice selection of Super Famicom reviews.
RVG Fanatic Steve's great retro video game website, with a major focus on Snes and Super Famicom reviews. Very well done, and certainly one of the best Super NES websites. Note, it too does not get updated much anymore.
Snes Reviews A nice site with a bunch of reviews of Snes games. Appears to be abandoned as well.
Super Nintendo Zone Amazingly, this long defunct Super NES fansite still exists. This site was active from about 1999 to 2001.
Game Rave Dangerboy, the world's biggest Playstation fan, has come up with a site to show off the Playstation. Think of it as the PSX equivalent to Snes Central! It now features Sega Saturn info as well.
Planet Virtual Boy Probably the most complete website dedicated to Nintendo's black sheep: The Virtual Boy. There is information on released and unreleased games, articles, and interviews. Available in German and English.
A very sleek site that covers all things Sega Genesis, including the 32x and Sega CD. Includes reviews, interviews, and in depth articles
Digital Press was one of the great video game sites that had a great community back in the 2000s. Still lots of value here with the rarity guide, but it isn't the place it once was.
NES World One of the original NES sites, and still one of the best. Still updated, make sure to check it out from time to time for rare and unusual NES items.
Lost Levels A website dedicated to finding information on games that got the axe. Hasn't been updated in many years, but it has a great message board.
Unseen64 This was a pretty good site for all sorts of information on unreleased games, but it the moment it appears to be having problems.
Assembler's Forums This forum focuses on obscure games and video game hardware. It isn't terribly active, but has some threads on neat items. This is the go-to website for all your rom hacking needs. They have a huge archive of hacks, translations and tools for a variety of game systems.
Aeon Genesis Gideon Zhi's website. He has translated nearly 70 games, mostly for the Super NES!
The Cover Project This website is dedicated to creating high quality covers for plastic game holders. They have over 500 of them for the SNES!
Retromags The people at Retromags are dedicated to scanning classic gaming magazines in comic book format. They are responsible for scanning the entire Nintendo Power collection, and do great work. I truly thank them for their efforts, as they provide a wonderful resource for this site.
Nintendo Age Nintendo Age has a great database on all Nintendo systems, though the forum is really only of interest if you are into game collecting.
SMW Central With the Lunar Magic editor, Super Mario World has become one of the most hacked games ever.
Slick Productions A website dedicated to hacking 8 and 16-bit Final Fantasy games.
No Intro Project The No Intro people create dats for ROM managers, so you can be sure your ROM image was dumped properly.
Eludevisibility Matthew Callis' website documenting newly released SNES and SFC ROM images that he has released. Matthew Callis' database of Super Famicom and SNES ROM image information.
Super Luigi Bros. A fansite dedicated to any game featuring the Mario Bros, including the SNES.

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