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This site is a result of many years work. I first started on this site in January 2001. Throughout the years there have been a few design changes, with each evolution making the site easier to work on, and increase the content. Many people have contributed, and their names will appear with their contribution. In particular, I would like to thank the following people:

- -CD-/kaizersoze, for the previous web design
- The people from the Zsnes Board, who have helped with various things on the site
- Cowering and JohnDie, by far the biggest contributors on the site
- Nach, for information on roms, and allowing me to have a section on his message board
- Edgeemu, for hosting my site for free!

If you would like to email, my email address is Please do not send solicitations, or they will be going straight to the trash bin.


Contributions are always welcome for the site. If you are contributing scans, ensure that they are at a high enough resolution that all the text is clear. If you are sending an article, it would be nice if you formatted it in html. All you need is to add <p>, <a>, and <img> tags. Nothing fancy at all. For screenshots, you must include a text file with the following on each line to describe each image:

filename.file|Your Alias|Description of the screenshot

If you follow these guidelines, it makes my life much easier, and it will allow me to add your contribution much quicker!

Also, don't send things in MS Word format. I don't have MS Word, and there is no guarentee that I will be able to properly view it. Send files as text, html, or PDF, please!

© Evan G. This site made by a Canadian, and fueled by beer. Do not use material on this site without permission.