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Tick, The
Game Code: ATH Genre: Fighting/ Brawler
US Title: Tick, The US Publisher: Fox Interactive
Japan Title: Not released in Japan Japan Publisher: -
Title in Kanji: Title in Kana:
European Title: Europe Publisher: -
Developer: Software Creations of America Players: 1
Accessories: none Special Chips: none
Save: none

Ahhhh!!!! How could they do this to The Tick? I love the show, but where in the show were there that many ninjas? That is basically all you fight, except if you fall of the buildings in some stages and you fight a boss. After fighting the same ninjas over and over again, I got sick of the game and turned it off. The graphics were true to The Tick, but the sounds were just crap (except when The Tick says "Spoon" at the end of the stage). A poor game that does not do The Tick justice. How sad indeed.

Cartridge label information

Region Country Serial Code notes Scan
Americas USA SNS-ATHE-USA regular release link

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PCB Information

ROM Chip ID Region Known Man. Dates PCB Type CIC SRAM Decoder/ Logic Circuit Special Chips
SNS-ATHE-0 (front) USA 9446 SHVC-1A0N-20 D411A - - -

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Screenshots (7)


  • Gamepro, Review (Graphics: 3.5/5, Sound: 3.0/5, Control: 4.0/5, FunFactor: 2.5/5, Publication date: February 1995, Volume: 77, Pages: 32

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