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Daze Before Christmas


Daze Before Christmas was a platform game by Sunsoft set to be released in 1994. This game was released in full in Europe by Sunsoft but was cancelled in the US due to the company going bankrupt.

By: Evan G and Jonny
Last updated: July 21, 2009

Daze Before Christmas is a decent platform game featuring Santa. You fight various wintery and toy enemies while collecting presents and saving elves and reindeer. You can also tranform into a more evil looking "devil Santa" that uses the toy sack as a weapon. The colourful graphics would have made this a good release, though apparently Sunsoft USA went bankrupt before it could be released.

Information courtesy of Jonny

From Carl-Henrik Skårstedt:

"Daze took about 1 year in total, but the problem was I didn't start until 6 months into the project so I had a lot of art and the code from A Dinosaur's Tale to combine, the SNES version was converting the same code that was already on Genesis so it took me about 6 months (I was on the Genesis version and there was one programmer on the SNES version). Unfortunately Sunsoft USA ran out of money and went bankrupt about the same day the SNES version was finished."


Level select code - At the title screen enter the code: B, A, Down, Left, A

Genesis level select code - at the title screen enter the code B, A, Right, Right, A

ccording to the main Genesis programmer Carl-Henrik Skårstedt, the Daze codes mean two different things: Barra is swedish for a Christmas tree dropping its needles, Badla is one of the musician's nickname (Geir Tjelta, he'd walk around constantly saying 'Badla' over and over).

Box from half.comback of the box
Preview in the May 1994 issue of EGM (courtesy of KingMike)



  • Electronic Gaming Monthly, Previews, Publication date: May 1994, Volume: 58, Pages: 128

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