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PCB information
property description
PCB type Standard
Serial code SHVC-1A0N-10
Company Super Home Video Computer - Nintendo (Note, I have found no primary source that this acronym is correct)
Number of chip slots 2
Number of ROM chips 1
ROM chip memory size 2Mb, 4Mb, 8Mb, 16Mb, or 32Mb
ROM chip type MASKROM
Special coprocessor/ additional chip none
Mapping type, HiROM/LoROM LoROM
SRAM none
SRAM decoder chip none
Board revision 10

Chip slot description
Slot ID description

Mapping information

This info box is taken from the emulators BSNES and HIGAN, by Near. If your game does not run, and the mapping type of the game directs you to this page, you can copy this information into a file called "manifest.bml", in the same game folder directory. This should allow the emulator to properly load the game.

board: SHVC-1A0N-(01,02,10,20,30)
  memory type=ROM content=Program
    map address=00-7d,80-ff:8000-ffff mask=0x8000
    map address=40-7d,c0-ff:0000-7fff mask=0x8000


Image contributor: Evan G

PCB Front:

PCB Back:

Games that use this PCB type:

Game Name Region Serial Code
Dragon Ball Z - La L├ęgende Saien France PAL
Wing Commander Germany SFRG-WC-1
Magical Quest Starring Mickey Mouse, The Italy SITA-MI-0
Dragon Ball Z - Super Butouden 2 Japan SHVC-EF-1
J.League Soccer Prime Goal Japan SHVC-JE-1
Kiki Kaikai - Nazo no Kuro Manto Japan SHVC-KK-0
Mickey No Magical Adventure Japan SHVC-MI-0
Space Bazooka Japan SHVC-BT-0
Tetris Battle Gaiden Japan SHVC-4G-0
Addams Family, The: Pugsley's Scavenger Hunt PAL SPAL-AH-0
Aero the Acro-Bat PAL SPAL-XB-0
Another World PAL SPAL-TW-0
Bubsy In: Claws Encounters of the Furred Kind PAL SPAL-UY-0
California Games II PAL SPAL-C2-0
Chuck Rock PAL SPAL-CK-0
Cybernator PAL SPAL-AV-0
Dragon's Lair PAL SPAL-DI-0
Eric Cantona Football Challenge (France), Striker (Europe) PAL SPAL-EC-0
Family Dog PAL SPAL-D8-0
George Foreman's KO Boxing PAL SPAL-GK-0
Jimmy Connors Pro Tennis Tour PAL SPAL-JC-0
Krusty's Super Fun House PAL SPAL-FH-1
Mega Lo Mania PAL SPAL-MZ-0
Mr. Nutz PAL SPAL-N8-0
NHLPA Hockey '93 PAL SPAL-HY-0
Ren & Stimpy Show, The: Veediots PAL SPAL-V8-0
Rock n' Roll Racing PAL SPAL-RN-0
Simpson's, The: Bart's Nightmare PAL SPAL-BN-0
Spanky's Quest PAL SPAL-HJ-0
Street Fighter II - The World Warrior PAL SPAL-S2-0
Sunset Riders PAL SPAL-6S-0
Super Battleship PAL SPAL-8B-0
Super James Pond PAL SPAL-J5-0
Super Putty PAL SPAL-YU-0
Terminator 2: Judgement Day PAL SPAL-TP-0
Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends PAL SPAL-6T-0
Timeslip PAL SPAL-XT-0
Top Gear 2 PAL SPAL-2P-0
Total Carnage PAL SPAL-XC-0
Tuff E Nuff PAL SPAL-TE-0
Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego? PAL SPAL-WX-0
Addams Family, The: Pugsley's Scavenger Hunt USA SNS-AH-0
Aero the Acro-Bat USA SNS-XB-0
Batman Returns USA SNS-BJ-0
Bazooka Blitzkrieg USA SNS-BY-0
Beethoven's 2nd: The Ultimate Canine Caper USA SNS-2V-0
Best of the Best - Championship Karate USA SNS-BE-0
Biometal USA SNS-BV-0
BlaZeon - The Bio-Cyborg Challenge USA SNS-BL-0
Bram Stoker's Dracula USA SNS-5D-0
Capcom's MVP Football USA SNS-NL-0
Captain Novolin USA SNS-CP-0
Chester Cheetah - Too Cool to Fool USA SNS-CE-0
Chuck Rock USA SNS-CK-0
Contra III: The Alien Wars USA SNS-CS-0
Cool World USA SNS-CD-0
Cyber Spin USA SNS-CF-0
Cybernator USA SNS-AV-0
Desert Strike - Return to the Gulf USA SNS-RG-0
Doomsday Warrior USA SNS-DM-0
Dragon's Lair USA SNS-DI-0
First Samurai USA SNS-FK-0
Football Fury USA SNS-UF-0
George Foreman's KO Boxing USA SNS-GK-0
GunForce - Battle Fire Engulfed Terror Island USA SNS-GU-0
Home Alone 2: Lost in New York USA SNS-HN-0
Hunt for Red October, The USA SNS-RO-0
Imperium USA SNS-DN-0
Incredible Crash Dummies, The USA SNS-C7-0
Jim Power: The Lost Dimension in 3D USA SNS-6J-0
John Madden Football '93 USA SNS-MF-0
Lamborghini American Challenge USA SNS-L8-0
Last Action Hero USA SNS-L5-0
Lawnmower Man, The USA SNS-LW-0
Lemmings USA SNS-LE-1
Magical Quest Starring Mickey Mouse, The USA SNS-MI-0
Mario Is Missing! USA SNS-MU-0
Monopoly USA SNS-ML-0
NBA All-Star Challenge USA SNS-NB-0
NFL Football USA SNS-NF-0
NHLPA Hockey '93 USA SNS-HY-0
On The Ball USA SNS-CT-0
Out to Lunch USA SNS-P8-0
Pink Goes To Hollywood USA SNS-YW-0
Prince of Persia USA SNS-PR-0
Pushover USA SNS-PV-0
Ren & Stimpy Show, The: Veediots USA SNS-V8-0
Road Riot 4WD USA SNS-RR-0
Rock n' Roll Racing USA SNS-RN-0
Side Pocket USA SNS-4P-0
Space Megaforce USA SNS-AT-0
Spider-Man and the X-Men in Arcade's Revenge USA SNS-MN-0
Street Fighter II - The World Warrior USA SNS-S2-0
Super Aquatic Games Starring The Aquabats, The USA SNS-AU-0
Super Buster Bros. USA SNS-SN-0
Super Caesar's Palace USA SNS-C6-0
Super Slap Shot USA SNS-ZX-0
Super Star Wars USA SNS-V4-0
Tiny Toon Adventures: Buster Busts Loose! USA SNS-TA-0
Tom & Jerry USA SNS-TJ-0
Tony Meola's Sidekicks Soccer USA SNS-6K-0
Top Gear 2 USA SNS-2P-0
Total Carnage USA SNS-XC-0
WWF Royal Rumble USA SNS-WU-0
Wayne's World USA SNS-WW-0
Wing Commander USA SNS-WC-0
Wordtris USA SNS-WT-0
World Soccer '94: Road to Glory USA SNS-WO-0
Zombies Ate My Neighbors USA SNS-ZA-0

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