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Mega Lo Mania
Game Code: MZ Genre: Strategy / Real Time
US Title: not released in North America US Publisher: -
Japan Title: Mega Lo Mania Japan Publisher: Imagineer
Title in Kanji: Title in Kana:
European Title: Mega Lo Mania Europe Publisher: Imagineer / Sensible Software
Developer: Sensible Software / Imagineer Players: 1
Accessories: mouse Special Chips: none
Save: Password

I downloaded this game, because it has the same title as of one of my favourite Black Sabbath songs. Well, after playing it, I was pleasantly surprised. This is an early real time strategy game. It is not very complex, and at first I had no idea what was going on. Then I caught on. The point of the game is to have people start inventing things, and then attacking your enemies. It is kind of disappointing that you can't have more control over things, but the game was released a long time ago. Another nice feature is SNES mouse support. Moving the cursor is quite annoying with a D-pad. At first, the pace seems a bit sluggish, but you can always press the fast forward button. The graphics are quite mediocre, as the characters are quite pixiated. The music was nothing special, and the voice samples were too muffled. It is a nice game to try out, especially if you like RTS games.

Cartridge label information

Region Country Serial Code notes Scan
PAL United Kingdom SNSP-MZ-UKV regular release link

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PCB Information

ROM Chip ID Region Known Man. Dates PCB Type CIC SRAM Decoder/ Logic Circuit Special Chips
SPAL-MZ-0 (front) PAL 9338 SHVC-1A0N-10 D413A - - -

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Maduin T. Branford - 65/100


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