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Latest Updates

Februrary 12, 2019
Nightmare Busters

Nightmare Busters is an action shooter game, with a definite arcade feel to it. The game is pretty much finished, though it lacks polish. The graphics and sound are great.

Februrary 11, 2019
Rally: The Final Round of the World Rally Championship

Rally is a first-person racing game, that was to be released by JVC. The leaked prototype appears to be complete, though the game is pretty difficult due to the lack of time to respond to obstacles.

Februrary 6, 2019
Bobby's World

Here is yet another in my series of articles on unreleased games. I had an article for Bobby's World that I did well over a decade ago. It was so old, there was even mention about whether or not the game actually came out. Of course, the game didn't come out. I have completely overhauled the article with new screenshots and information about the scene release and prototypes.

Februrary 4, 2019
Untitled racing game by Virgin Games

This is another prototype release courtesy of Radar/Junoman. This is a one track demo of an unreleased overhead racing game, presumably by Virgin Games. There is a two player mode already implemented.

Februrary 3, 2019
The Shadow

The Shadow is an unreleased game by Ocean, based on the 1994 movie of the same name. The leaked version appears to be complete, but it is a pretty boring beat-em-up.

Februrary 2, 2019
Mickey's Playtown Adventure: A Day Of Discovery!

This is an update for one of the oldest pages on this website. This game is a pretty much complete game that is geared towards children. Despite this, it has some really amazing graphics. It is a point-and-click style game, and I can only speculate it did not come out simply because it was too complicated for the intended audience.

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