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Gradius III
Game Code: G3 Genre: Shooting/ Side Scrolling
US Title: Gradius III US Publisher: Konami
Japan Title: Gradius III Japan Publisher: Konami
Title in Kanji: Title in Kana: グラディウスIII
European Title: Europe Publisher: -
Developer: Konami Players: 1
Accessories: none Special Chips: none
Save: none

Side scrolling shooters were all the rage in the late 80s, and Gradius had no small part in making the genre popular. The third installment of the series was quite impressive with huge bosses and active backgrounds. As always, enemies drop off powerups which make the Vic Viper and impressive fighting machine. The biggest issue in the game is slowdown, although it can be a blessing at times.


A side-scrolling shoot-em-up and conversion of the 1989 Konami coin-op. The player once again takes control of the Vic Viper spaceship against the massive onslaught of the Bacterion empire. Similar to other games in the series, power-ups are selected by the use of a meter at the bottom of the screen which moves as capsules are collected from defeated enemies. This version is generally faithful to the arcade, but is missing the 3D bonus level, as well as parts of other levels. Contrary to popular belief, the game's notorious "slowdown" with too many objects on screen was intentional and based on a similar effect from the arcade version. Up to 2 players can alternate play. - werwe

Cartridge label information

Region Country Serial Code notes Scan
Americas USA SNS-G3-USA regular release link

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PCB Information

ROM Chip ID Region Known Man. Dates PCB Type CIC SRAM Decoder/ Logic Circuit Special Chips
SNS-G3-0 (front) USA 9131 SHVC-1A0N-01 D411 - - -
SNS-G3-0 (front) USA 9143 SHVC-1A0N-01 D411 - - -

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Box information

Region Country Serial Code notes Front scan Back scan
Americas USA SNS-G3-USA regular release link link

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Screenshots (2)

Published Review Scores

Nintendo Power Publication date:
October 1991
Issue: 29 Page: 87
Graphics and Sound: 3.8/5 Play Control: 3.9/5 Challenge: 3.7/5 Theme and Fun: 3.6/5


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