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Great Battle Gaiden 2, The - Matsuri da Wasshoi


This is a prototype of The Great Battle Gaiden 2.

By: Evan G
Last updated: January 20, 2019

I got this prototype at Beep Akihabara in November 2017. It was not a bad deal for a prototype that was obviously going to be different from final. The label says that it is 70% complete. After playing the first level, there were not really a lot of clear differences, except that the first mini-boss was made a lot easier in the final version. The game has this very frustrating mechanic where you have to beat three mini-games in order to pass the level. The mini-games, which include a breakout clone, a top-down shooter, and a Puyo Puyo style puzzle game, are long and tedious. I tried playing through the second level in the prototype, but the level design is not great, with unavoidable hits and narrow platforms, and I didn't want to spend the time.

Shooting game intro, some changes in the prices of upgrades.


Puzzle game intro. In the prototype, the girl says something like "If the stomach gets full, you clear the game!". In the final it says something like "How much can you eat?"

Prototype - おなかがいっぱいになったらゲームクリアよ!Final - きみは どこまでたべられる?

Mid-stage boss for the first level. The background is different, and the final version is way easier. In the prototype, the two enemies shoot orbs at you and move so fast that it is incredibly hard to hit them. A welcome change in the final version.


Some other screenshots

Prototype - First main bossPrototype - the boss is defeated
Prototype - Summer Festival levelPrototype - midboss on the second level

The prototype PCB has a label on it that has a return date of December 1993. Obviously this was not returned. The game was actually released on January 28, 1994.


I did a stream of this game, if you want to see the prototype in action.

Download here

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