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Super Chinese World 2 - Uchuu Ichibutou Daikai


Super Chinese World 2 - Uchuu Ichibutou Daikai is an RPG by Culture Brain. There are two known prototypes of the game. Thanks to Lost Levels for releasing the earlier ROM image.

Thanks to Ballz, rbudrick, and Gideon Zhi for dumping these roms, and to Skrybe for sending them my way.

By: Evan G
Last updated: January 2, 2011

This scene is not in the Lost Levels prototype.

Super Chinese World 2 is an RPG-Action game hybrid. I played the English localization of the Super Chinese World (Super Ninja Bros.), and it was a pretty slow paced game. The graphics in the sequel appear to be significantly better in the sequel.

There are actually two prototypes of Super Chinese World 2 - one dumped by Lost Levels, and one with an unknown source. The Lost Levels prototype is definitely in an earlier state. The other one is definitely closer to final, though it should have some differences. I went through the two prototypes with a tile editor, and there were fewer graphics tiles in them compared to the final, with the Lost Levels prototype having significantly less. In fact, the last 12% of the Lost Levels prototype is just empty space.

Since this is an RPG, and the text is in Japanese, I really can't delve too much into this game. The text in the intro looks pretty much the same in all three versions of the game. The Lost Levels prototype is missing a fight against this giant robot in a space ship that happens in the final version. The battle scenes in the Lost Levels prototype are also fairly glitchy, with the character sometimes disappearing or falling through the screen. The fights are also pretty much impossible in the Lost Levels prototype, leading to inevitable death. The menu after dying is different between the prototype and final. The layout of the first town is different, and lacks chickens.

In my brief check of the previously leaked prototype, I couldn't see any obvious differences between it and the final. It might take a long playthrough of the game to find any major differences. The only difference I noticed was a small icon that was changed in the fight scenes, and possibly that they toned the difficulty down in the final version.

Culture Brain logo in the Lost Levels prototypeThe final version spruces things up.
Overworld in the Lost Levels prototypeOverworld in the final version - they added a sparkle effect on the rocks
First town in the Lost Levels prototypeFirst town in the final version - the house on the left was replaced with a pen full of chickens. Also, the character I am talking to has a different sprite. There are no pots at the top of the screen, either.
Fight scene from the Lost Levels prototype - very glitchy, though that is difficult to see from a still shotFight scene from the later, previously released prototype - not as glitchy, but very difficult. Note they changed the mountains in the background.
Fight scene from the final version. Note the "T" icon in the prototypes has been changed to an "S"
Screen after you die in the Lost Levels prototypeScreen after you die in the final version - the layout is changed quite a bit.

Download "Lost Levels" ROM image here

Download later sample ROM image here

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