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Bounty Sword


This is an 80% complete prototype of Bounty Sword. Thanks to Matthew Callis at for dumping and releasing this!

By: Evan G
Last updated: March 29, 2015

This article will not be an in depth as I would like, due to the fact that this game requires knowledge of Japanese beyond what I know. Bounty Sword is a strategy RPG, and I was not able to progress very far using random selections from the menu.

This prototype was labelled as being 80% complete. It was sold on Yafuoku in late December 2014. The prototype came on a long board. Also with the prototype was a sheet describing the controls of the game, as well as a cardboard sleeve. The sleeve turned out to be from a VHS promo of the game, which Matthew Callis also purchased separately. The prototype appears to date to May 16 (1995).

The game is fairly close to completition. The save menu has two save games set up to allow reviewers to test out different chapters of the game with ease.

PrototypeFinal version

However, aside from lacking the opening cinema sequence, the first mission looks to be nearly the same as the final version (I guess the path is a bit narrower in the final version), with the same text. What kind of name is "Soad", btw?

PrototypeFinal version
Picture of the prototype from the original auction
Close up of the sheet describing the controller scheme of the game, also from the original auction
VHS sleve, picture by Matthew Callis
VHS tape, picture by Matthew Callis

Download prototype here


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