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Jelly Boy


This is a prototype of Jelly Boy, which dates to when Electronic Arts was going to be publishing it.

Thanks to Mark Flitman for releasing this, and The Video Game History Foundation for dumping and sending it to me.

By: Evan G
Last updated: October 16, 2021

A few months ago, I covered a near final prototype of Jelly Boy, and speculated on how Electronic Arts was involved. This prototype seems to answer this - they were going to be the publisher originally. At some point, it was passed to Ocean.

This prototype appears to be near final. At least, in the first couple of levels, it seems to be the same as the final version of the game. Most of the changes are related to the change in publisher, and some changes to the high score screen. One notable thing is the presence of a language select. It doesn't do anything (there is no non-English text in the binary), but it does show that they were considering publishing in other regions (the game only came out in the PAL region).

The prototype has a bad internal header, so it incorrectly detects as an NTSC game. I have created a hack that fixes this, otherwise the game plays too fast.

Copyright info


Publisher splash screen


Initial logo

Prototype - Probe SoftwareFinal - Electronic Arts

Language Select

Prototype - Note that this is not in the final version, and selecting any other language does nothing

High Scores


Download here

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