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Pokémon Gold Silver


This a bootleg original SNES game, a platform game based on Pokémon Gold and Silver

Thanks to Edgar "Mcfly" Gonzalez for sending in the pictures of the bootleg.

By: Evan G
Last updated: September 25, 2022

Though Pokemon is primarily an RPG, the makers of this bootleg decided to use the Pokémon in a platforming game. Considering that it features Pokémon from Pokémon Gold and Silver (released in 1999), this must have been made well after the SNES had reached the end of its life. According to Bootleg Wiki, the game steals music from Bonkers, and takes graphics from other games, such as Seiken Densetsu III and various other bootleg games. It is unknown who made this, though. The title screen of the game says "Pokemon金銀" (Pokémon Gold Silver), which has been taken as the title, though the label has other text.

The game itself might be regarded as competent, were it not for the horrendous choppy gameplay. The graphics, though simple, do a good job depicting the various Pokémon as enemies. The sound is good, but since it was ripped from another game, that can't really be seen as a high point. The special move by "Chokorita" (a misspelling of Chikorita) allows you to fly around, making the game fairly trivial (there are also many health powerups). The game also mercifully does not have respawning enemies. This is worth playing just to see Waninoko's crazy eyes as it is walking.

Character select screenLevel name screen
Playing as Waninoko. Got to love the Psyduck here.Playing as "Chokorita"

The cart features typical bootleg features, such as the serial code "SNES-TN-USA" (which is actually for The Terminator), and the super large red bar under the logo on the right bottom side. It states "Super Nintendo" rather than the full name of the system. The name of the game on the label is "Pokémon Silver Version Gold Version " The PCB uses globby tops, so there are no exposed chips to figure out the age of the cart.

Cart - Front
Cart - Back
Closeup of the Label
Top of the Label
PCB - Front
PCB - Back

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