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Gargoyles was an unreleased SNES game based on the Disney cartoon of the same name. A very early stage source code package is available.

By: Evan G
Last updated: January 7, 2021

The Genesis version of Gargoyles is lauded as one of the most challenging games for the system. Perhaps for this reason, it did not make sense to proceed with the SNES version. Another possibility was that it was too late in the life cycle of the SNES by the time it would have came out. It seems that development may not have got too far. A source code package was released by developer of the Genesis version, Chris Shrigley, which shows the game in an extremely early state. He released the code archive on his website. He states:

A SNES version of Gargoyles was in development alongside the Genesis version, and this is a very, very early project archive by Pete Fokos (who happened to also make one of my favorite Vic20 games, Spiders of Mars). At some point the project was taken over by Joe Sengir, who took the game much further before it was cancelled. The archive is untouched, as found, and contains some tool executables, source code, and a ROM image that will run in an emulator. The build has a titlepage, some music, and a selection of test levels that are very rudimentary. The archive is for educational purposes only and you are not allowed to make money from it in any way.

As mentioned above, the source archive is in a very early state, and merely shows a fully animated Goliath (the lead gargoyle) in some very incomplete stages. The date stamp on the ROM image file is July 20, 1994, while the other files range in age between February 1994 to September 1994. It appears to have been programmed with the Psy-Q development kit. As far as I know, no one has been able to assemble a newer binary with the available files.

The demo itself shows a very incomplete game. It has a level select option, but none of them are close to completion. In one stage, an armoured gargoyle appears. Goliath loses his wings when he jumps. There is a Mode 7 demo, but it is completely glitchy. Whether or not this is a bug, or if there is just incorrect board mapping, I am not sure. I tried alternative mappings, but they did not work, so I assume it is just buggy.

Another running armoured gargoyle and a catapult.Goliath losing his wings.
The museum level has art from Mickey MouseObvious placeholder images.

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