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Super NES Mouse Check


This is a program to test the capabilities of the Super NES mouse.

Thanks to Frank Cifaldi and The Video Game History Foundation, who preserved this! Also to Luigiblood, who assembled the source code.

By: Evan G
Last updated: August 2, 2020

This is official Nintendo source code to demonstrate the usage of the mouse, which includes the BIOS to get the mouse to work. It is hard to know what to title this demo, though in the file TEST4.X65, it has the title "Super NES Mouse Check program II", so it perhaps could be called "Super NES Mouse Check", with the possibility that it is a second version. The dates in the headers of all of the files are from March 10th or 11th 1992, and attributed to Nintendo of America Inc. Mario Paint, the first mouse game, came out in July 1992 in Japan.

;*								*
;*		Test4.x65					*
;*		Super NES Mouse Check program II		*
;*		March 11, 1992          			*
;*		(c) 1992 Nintendo of America Inc.		*
;*								*

If you look in the binary of mouse supported games in a hex editor, you often find the following text:


This code has that BIOS code (MOUSE.X65), you can see where this code is

	db	'NINTENDO SHVC MOUSE BIOS Ver1.00' 	;do not delete
;            if user modifies program, then change to 
;            'MODIFIED FROM SHVC MOUSE BIOS Ver1.00'

	db	'END OF MOUSE BIOS'	    		;do not delete

The program has a single screen, and allows for mice to be in both controller ports. The program tracks what the mouse is doing. The bottom shows a series of zeros and ones which show what buttons are pressed (it even works with a controller). If you click on the heart in the top left corner, it changes the speed of the mouse. It may not be noticeable on an emulator due to emulation issues, but works on real hardware.

Mice moving

The code here includes the original source files, plus a modified version by Luigiblood so that it can be compiled.

Download here

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