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Untitled NFL Football Game


Thanks to Lost Levels, Snes Central is proud to present an unreleased NFL Football game developed by Sculptured Software. The main gameplay engine in this game is nearly complete, and it is actually a fairly decent Football game.

Thanks to Ballz, rbudrick, and Gideon Zhi for dumping these roms, and to Skrybe for sending them my way.

By: Evan_G
Last updated: August 15, 2007

This football game is presumably developed by Sculptured Software using the same rotoscope Mode 7 engine that is used in games such as NHL Stanley Cup, NCAA Basketball, and Tony Meola's Sidekick Soccer. The presence of the Arizona Cardinals, L.A. Raiders and L.A. Rams indicates that this game was in development for the 1994 season. There in no apparent use of real player names, so perhaps there was no plans to have a NFLPA liscense (similar to NHL Stanley Cup).

NCAA BasketballTony Meola's Sidekick Soccer
NHL Stanley CupUntitled Football Game

As you can see, the graphics are about on par with NHL Stanley Cup. Since the game is much better described in pictoral form, I will give some examples of how the game works.

Play selection is relatively easy with each of the face buttons used for the selection menu. Each formation has 4 plays, which you can scroll through, and selected secretly with the face buttons.Passing is made easy by having each of the face buttons correspond to a different receiver. The colours change depending on the coverage.
I felt that coverage varied in effectiveness. I usually had no problems marching down the field for a touchdown, though. When near the endzone, the camera tilted on an angle, which was annoyingI felt that it was far to easy to have your kick blocked. I also couldn't figure out how not to audible all the time, which wasted time in those last second field goal situations.
Everytime you score, this celebration screen shows up. It also seems to come up at random sometimes.After scoring, it gives a summary of the drive, showing the length of each play.
I had no problems with defence, except that I occasionally allowed a 60+ yard touchdown. Woops.I'd say I kicked some ass. GO CHARGERS!

Aside from the game, which I would say it pretty much complete, there was a lot of issues with the menu system. You had to manually select that it was a single player match, and it seems that you cannot chose which of the two teams you pick to play as. Also, when you go to the play menu, it defaults to "pass game", so that it just simulates the outcome. Blah.

On the whole, I thought that this untitled NFL Football game would actually be a pretty decent sports game for the snes. There wasn't much of a frame rate issue, which plagued many EA games. It was also a hell of a lot more balanced than NHL Stanley Cup. One can only guess as to why this wasn't released, but I imagine intense competition at the time had something to do with it.

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