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Super Scope 6
Game Code: LR Genre: Shooter
US Title: Super Scope 6 US Publisher: Nintendo
Japan Title: Super Scope 6 Japan Publisher: Nintendo
Title in Kanji: Title in Kana:
European Title: Super Scope 6 Europe Publisher: Nintendo
Developer: Nintendo Players: 42371
Accessories: none Special Chips: none
Save: none

This is a collection of three minigames that utilizes the Super Scope. None of them are all that remarkable. Blastris is like a slow version of Tetris. LazerBlazer is not as fun as something like UN Squadron (which is what the graphics look like).

Cartridge label information

Region Country Serial Code notes Scan
Americas USA SNS-LR-USA regular release link
PAL Australia SNSP-LR-AUS regular release link
PAL Spain SNSP-LR-ESP regular release link

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PCB Information

ROM Chip ID Region Known Man. Dates PCB Type CIC SRAM Decoder/ Logic Circuit Special Chips
SPAL-LR-0 (front) PAL 9220 SHVC-1A0N-20 D413A - - -
SPAL-LR-0 (front) PAL 9229 SHVC-1A0N-02 D413 - - -
SPAL-LR-0 (front) PAL 9237 SHVC-1A0N-02 D413A - - -
SNS-LR-0 (front) USA 9203 SHVC-1A0N-01 D411 - - -
SNS-LR-0 (front) (back) USA 9209 SHVC-1A0N-02 D411 - - -

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Published Review Scores

Nintendo Power Publication date:
February 1992
Issue: 33 Page: 105
Graphics and Sound: 3.9/5 Play Control: 4.0/5 Challenge: 3.6/5 Theme and Fun: 3.8/5


  • Nintendo Power, Game overview and hint guide, Publication date: February 1992, Volume: 33, Pages: 90-93
  • Nintendo Power, Review, Publication date: February 1992, Volume: 33, Pages: 105

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