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Mario Paint
Game Code: MP Genre: Education
US Title: Mario Paint US Publisher: Nintendo
Japan Title: Mario Paint Japan Publisher: Nintendo
Title in Kanji: Title in Kana: マリオペイント
European Title: Mario Paint Europe Publisher: Nintendo
Developer: Nintendo Players: 1
Accessories: Mouse Special Chips: none
Save: Battery

Mario Paint is an excellent paint software. It allows you to draw, create custom stamps, make animations, and create musical scores. If creation isn't your thing, you can also play the fly swatting minigame.

If you have an interesting creation, feel free to send it, and I will put it in the screenshot gallery.

Cartridge label information

Region Country Serial Code notes Scan
Americas Canada SNS-MP-CAN regular release link
Americas USA SNS-MP-USA regular release link
Americas USA SNS-MP-USA-1 Player's Choice million seller link
Asia Japan SHVC-MP regular release link
PAL Australia SNSP-MP-AUS Mattel published version link
PAL Australia SNSP-MP-AUS-1 Nintendo published version link
PAL France and Netherlands SNSP-MP-FAH regular release link
PAL Scandinavia SNSP-MP-SCN regular release link

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PCB Information

ROM Chip ID Region Known Man. Dates PCB Type CIC SRAM Decoder/ Logic Circuit Special Chips
SHVC-MP-0 (front) (back) Japan 9228 SHVC-1A5B-04 D411A 256k MB74LS139 -
SHVC-MP-0 (front) Japan 9644 SHVC-1A5M-20 D411B 256k MAD-1 -
SPAL-MP-0 (front) (back) PAL 9250 SHVC-1A5B-04 D413A 256k MB74LS139 -
SPAL-MP-0 (front) (back) PAL 92xx SHVC-1A5B-04 D413A 256k SN74LS139N -
SPAL-MP-0 (front) PAL 9349 SHVC-1A5M-01 D413A 256k MAD-1 -

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Published Review Scores

Nintendo Power Publication date:
August 1992
Issue: 39 Page: 105
Graphics and Sound: 3.8/5 Play Control: 3.9/5 Challenge: 4.0/5 Theme and Fun: 4.0/5


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  • Nintendo Power, Pak Watch (Preview - mentions mouse will be bundled with it), Publication date: July 1992, Volume: 38, Pages: 110
  • Nintendo Power, Summer CES '92 (shown at CES), Publication date: August 1992, Volume: 39, Pages: 58
  • Nintendo Power, Review, Publication date: October 1996, Volume: 89, Pages: 95, 97
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  • Nintendo Power, Now Playing - Review, Publication date: August 1992, Volume: 39, Pages: 105
  • Nintendo Power, Mario Paint Contest (entries valid if received by December 1992), Publication date: November 1992, Volume: 42, Pages: 115
  • Nintendo Power, Nintendo Power Super Power Club Special - Mario Paint Special, Publication date: January 1993, Volume: 44, Pages: 16p

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