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Latest Updates

February 12, 2023
SNES Central on hiatus

Perhaps it should be obvious by the fact that there were only four updates on SNES Central last year, but work on this site is not currently a priority for me. I have spent a bunch of time during the past few years to create a database system for SNES Central that was pretty much essential to manage all the data on this site. This system is actually probably about 75% complete, and much of the most difficult aspects have been coded. However, for a number of reasons, I have not been able to commit time to finishing it to allow updates on the site to resume. First of all, I am actually working on another archival project that is unrelated to video games, and this is a bigger priority for me. Secondly, in the past few years much of my free time has been taken up by other activities, namely learning Japanese and running.

Because of these things, I would consider SNES Central to be on hiatus for the foreseeable future, at least until the other archival project I am working on is complete. It is fine to continue sending me things (through email is best), but please be aware that it may be years before they get put onto the site. This site is not going away, and at some point I will resume updating. When that happens, I will post here.

September 25, 2022
Pokémon Gold and Silver bootleg

Pokémon Gold and Silver is a bootleg platforming game featuring Pokémon from the second generation of the series. Many thanks to Edgar "Mcfly" Gonzalez for sending in the pictures of the bootleg!

September 15, 2022
Hercules bootleg

Hercules is a bootleg original game, where the pirates tried to copy many elements from the PS1 game, including the graphics and level design. For what it is, it isn't as bad as expected, but definitely not worth playing. Many thanks to Edgar "Mcfly" Gonzalez for sending in the pictures of the bootleg, and to Jason from Game-Rave for sending me the PS1 screenshots!

August 1, 2022
Street Fighter Alpha 2 Pirate Cart

Street Fighter Alpha 2 is another pirate cart that is surprising, due to it requiring the SDD-1 chip. I already had an article up, but this new copy had a different shell and is dumped. Thanks to Lucas Leal for sending this to me.

July 31, 2022
Super Mario Kart Pirate Cart

Super Mario Kart might be considered to be a difficult game to make pirate copy, due to it using the DSP1 chip. However, it looks like they succeeded. Thanks to Lucas Leal for sending this to me.

July 29, 2022
Super Momotaro Dentetsu III Pirate Cart

I realize I haven't been updating the content on this site much lately. I have been making some progress on my database system, but this has been slow going. Anyways, I have received some interesting pictures of pirated SNES/SFC games, so I thought I would make some pages. The first is a pirated version of Super Momotaro Dentetsu III. It is notable in that the cart label appears to be legit. The PCB board, though done in a way that it might fool someone naive, is clearly fake. Thanks to Yolt1 for sending this to me.

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