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PCB information
property description
PCB type Standard
Serial code SHVC-LDH3C-01
Company Super Home Video Computer - Nintendo (Note, I have found no primary source that this acronym is correct)
Number of chip slots 7
Number of ROM chips 2
ROM chip memory size 32Mb+2Mb, 32Mb+4Mb, 32Mb+8Mb, 32Mb+16Mb, 32Mb+32Mb
ROM chip type MASKROM
Special coprocessor/ additional chip SPC7110
Mapping type, HiROM/LoROM HiROM
SRAM 64k
SRAM decoder chip RTC
Board revision 01

Chip slot description
Slot ID description
U4 SPC7110
U5 RTC-5413
U6 MM1026AF

Mapping information

This info box is taken from the emulators BSNES and HIGAN, by Near. If your game does not run, and the mapping type of the game directs you to this page, you can copy this information into a file called "manifest.bml", in the same game folder directory. This should allow the emulator to properly load the game.

board: SHVC-LDH3C-01
  processor identifier=SPC7110
    map address=00-3f,80-bf:4800-483f
    map address=50,58:0000-ffff
      map address=00-3f,80-bf:8000-ffff mask=0x800000
      map address=c0-ff:0000-ffff mask=0xc00000
      memory type=ROM content=Program
      memory type=ROM content=Data
    memory type=RAM content=Save
      map address=00-3f,80-bf:6000-7fff mask=0xe000
  rtc manufacturer=Epson
    map address=00-3f,80-bf:4840-4842
    memory type=RTC content=Time manufacturer=Epson


Image contributor: JohnDie

PCB Front:

PCB Back:

Games that use this PCB type:

Game Name Region Serial Code
Tengai Makyou Zero (Far East of Eden Zero) Japan SHVC-AZRJ-0

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