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Probably the most unusual snes board. It is not a standard SNES PCB, as it has globs holding the chips down. It apparently was only used for Star Fox, and contains 256k of RAM, a Mario Chip 1 Super FX chip, and a F411A CIC. There is a secondary code on the pcb, with a modifier number for each version it represents. I have scans of four variants of this pcb, though the number suggest that four more should exist. Here they are:

  • LR0G180 - Star Fox Japan rev 1.0 (SHVC-FO-0)
  • LR0G1801 - Star Fox US rev 1.0 (SNS-F0-0)
  • LR0G1802 - Super Star Fox Weekend (SNS-FU-0)
  • LR0G1803 - Starwing rev 1.0 (SPAL-F0-0)
  • LR0G1804 - Star Fox rev 1.1 (SPAL-F0-1)
  • LR0G1806 - Starwing Competition (SPAL-FU-0)
  • LR0G1807 - Star Fox US rev 1.2 (SNS-FO-2)
  • LR0G1808 - Starwing Competition (German version) (SFRG-FU-0)
  • LR0G1809 - Starwing PAL rev 1.1 (SNSP-FO-1) - seems to be the Spanish release

I do not have scans for LR0G1805. I suspect the others are probably variants (ie. Rev 1.1 Japan). If anyone finds these pcbs, scan/photograph them and send them to me!

All PCB information based on a document by Overload

Supported ROM sizes

The information on ROM size is unknown

Supported RAM sizes

  • 256 kbit

On-board chips

Chip numberChip type
U3Super FX

ROM Registration

A properly formatted internal header should have these values

The ROM registraion information is unknown

Memory Mapping

In order to get a game to work properly on an emulator, the following mapping should be used for this PCB.

The memory mapping is unknown

Games that use this PCB type:

Game Name Region Serial Code
Starwing Competition Germany SFRG-FU-0
Star Fox Japan SHVC-FO-0
Starwing PAL SPAL-FO-0
Starwing PAL SPAL-FO-1
Starwing Competition PAL SPAL-FU-0
Star Fox USA SNS-FO-0
Star Fox USA SNS-F0-1
Star Fox USA SNS-FO-2
Super Star Fox Weekend USA SNS-FU-0

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