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Super FX voxel demo


This demo shows off the abilities of the Super FX chip to render voxels

Thanks to tjstogy for the tip on the origins of this demo!

By: Evan G
Last updated: January 26, 2019

This demo shows off the abilities of the Super FX to render voxels, something that was not utilized in any released game. It is actually very smooth, and the demo has collision detection with the hills and ground. You can fly around a bit, but this is not really a game. The title screen has debugging information, indicating this was used during development of a game.

This demo was created by Ivar Just Olsen, when he was working at Funcom. He made some comments in the above video, explaining the origin of the demo.

This is from a demo that I made for Funcom in 1994. We presented it to Nintendo as a game concept, but never got any contract for it, so it got shelved. I have no idea how the binary got leaked.

The actual demo we sent to Nintendo used a different underwater landscape with some sharks swimming around. The one that got leaked was an earlier version. This voxel demo has no connection whatsoever to the SNES version of Comanche.

The rotation in the demo actually did use mode 7, but the voxels were rendered with the FX chip (well, actually FX2).

I also worked on the FX chip code for "Winter Gold", which did get released. The FX chip code in Winter Gold was basically an implementation of the same tech used in the "State of the Art" Amiga demo (which I did not write).

Although I cannot find it right now, someone did point out an Amiga demo video on Youtube that featured this voxel demo. They obviously ported it to the Super FX.

Title screen, showing debugging information. It is rendered in high resolution mode.
The demo shows a mountainous scene that you can fly aroundYou can rotate and zoom

This demo was a prelude to the unreleased game, Comanche. There is a video of Comanche in action on Youtube, and the gameplay looks exactly like this demo, although there is no direct connection between this demo and Comanche.

Screen capture of Comanche at E3 1995

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