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Sanrio World Smashball!
Game Code: S7 Genre: Action / Platform Shooter
US Title: not released in the US US Publisher: -
Japan Title: Sanrio World Smashball! Japan Publisher: Ape
Title in Kanji: Title in Kana:
European Title: Europe Publisher: -
Developer: Character Soft Players: 1-2 (simultaneously)
Accessories: none Special Chips: none
Save: password

This is definately one of those classic SNES games that define the system for me. The cutesy Japanese characters, such as a frog and a racoon, give it a certain charm seen in many Super Famicom titles. And it's a game that you simply will not be able to put down until you've completed it! Assuming the role of one of four said cutesy characters, a choice of a young boy, a frog, a racoon or a ... an unamable blue thingamigig, you can either venture through 30 levels facing various computer opponents along the way, or even better take on a friend one-on-one.

The object of the game is to smash a flying disc past your opponents defences, which consist of an array of fragile blocks that need to be smashed. There are different levels where the blocks are set out in different formations, in greater numbers too, and there are also various other obstructions, such as an unbreakable boulder, that attempt to prevent your mission to smash the ball into "goal", which is the furthest point behind an array of bricks. There are also various themes to each level, such as summer, winter and fall, which all add to the cute atmosphere. The controls are very simple. You have a right smash, and a left smash, to hit the ball to the right or the left accordingly. By holding down either button, you can power up a gauge which when full releases a power smash. When you destroy certain bricks unknown to you, released are special power-ups which will aid you temporarily, such as more power to your smash or one that destorys all of your opponents bricks.

In the one player game every five or so levels is a bonus level, in which you have to hit a target that moves horizontally across the screen. You get 10 shots, and if you do well you recieve a power up which will last the rest of the game, a choice of an aid to your power or your speed. All in all, a very enjoyable game, and an extremely addictive one at that. Definately one to write home about. - MD Pontiac


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