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Steven Seagal is The Final Option


Steven Seagal Is the Final Option is one of the more infamous unreleased games. It was not based on any of his movies, and received a large amount of hype.

By: Evan G
Last updated: July 21, 2009


This game was being made by Tekmagic, and was supposed to be released in 1994. It was first shown at the summer 1993 CES. This game received a lot of hype due to the Steven Seagal license, but continual delays in the released made the hype die out. Eventually, the game moved to the Playstation and N64 as Deadly Honor, but that was not released either. A beta of the game was found, and by the looks of it, it was fairly far along in development. It is unknown if this was as far as they got developing, but the basic gameplay seemed to be intact.

The controls were a bit loose, and movements were slow, sort of like games like Out of This World and Blackthorne. Also, there was no limit to how many knives you could throw, or how many bullets you could shoot. The music was the same in both levels I played, and it seemed appropriate for a game featuring Steven Seagal. The screams of death were quite comical. The graphics were digitized, and has that pixiated look that most digitized games on the snes had. Overall, if the game was to be released like this, it would have been rather mediocre, and have compared poorly to other games in the genre.

Preview in the May 1994 issue of EGM (thanks KingMike for the scan)


Screenshots (13)


  • Electronic Gaming Monthly, Previews, Publication date: May 1994, Volume: 58, Pages: 100

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