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Latest Updates

January 7, 2018
Personal scan collection finished

Today marks the 17th anniversary of SNES Central. And what better way to mark this than to complete adding all the scans that I have done myself. I scanned all of my SNES carts, plus about 90 Super Famicom carts from the collection of my great buddy skaar back in 2010. I spent much of December working through the SFC scans, and I just finished checking the SNES scans and added a bunch of a PCB scans added. Only seven years! I still have some scans to go through, but I am hoping to get through those in the next couple of weeks. Also, I have created a Discord server for SNES Central, feel free to join by clicking on the image on the side bar. Here is to another great year of SNES Central!

December 25, 2017
Super Nintendo Entertainment System 1991 U.S. Tour

In 1991, Nintendo apparently had a tour to promote the release of the Super Nintendo in the US. However, there is virtually no documentation of this event. Andy Cunningham sent me this badge used at the event. If anyone knows more, let me know! I've also added a picture of a jacket given out in conjunction with the Campus Challenge event. Thanks to Ibrahim Faraj for sending me the picture!

December 23, 2017
Redline F-1 Racer prototype

This is a near final localization of Redline F-1 Racer. The only difference I could find is in the options menu, which still identical to the Japanese version of the game. Thanks to the anonymous person who sent this to me!

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