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Latest Updates

August 13, 2018
Super SWIV prototype

Today, I have written another short article of a prototype dump from idc. This is a prototype of Super SWIV, but really the only thing that differs from the final version is the copyright screen. It seems to indicate that this should be a Japanese prototype, but it also has a "Licensed by Nintendo" notice, which would not be in a Japanese version, leading to questions that it could be a US prototype. Without knowing more about the origin of the prototype, it is hard to say for sure.

August 4, 2018
King Arthur's World prototype

It has been quite a half year for me, and as a result the updating of SNES Central has dropped to low levels. The sheer amount of stuff has led me to consider revamping the site with a better database system. My first idea was to use a static site system like Jekyll, but I quickly realized that it would be unsuitable for what I wanted to do. So now I am pondering doing something different, but due to being busy and illness, I have made no progress. I decided that I should at least go through some of the prototypes that have been sent to me. First up is this near final prototype of King Arthur's World. Thanks to idc for releasing this!

January 7, 2018
Personal scan collection finished

Today marks the 17th anniversary of SNES Central. And what better way to mark this than to complete adding all the scans that I have done myself. I scanned all of my SNES carts, plus about 90 Super Famicom carts from the collection of my great buddy skaar back in 2010. I spent much of December working through the SFC scans, and I just finished checking the SNES scans and added a bunch of a PCB scans added. Only seven years! I still have some scans to go through, but I am hoping to get through those in the next couple of weeks. Also, I have created a Discord server for SNES Central, feel free to join by clicking on the image on the side bar. Here is to another great year of SNES Central!

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