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Latest Updates

November 28, 2018
Full website accounting

Since I have some time off, and I have a desire to learn Python, I decided to create some python scripts to help organize the site. Through this, all of the PCB page updates will now be automated through a python script. This will ensure that I do not have any broken links, which were caused by some previous updating. I also created scripts to make sure that all cart label, PCB and box scan pages did not have have broken links, and to sort those lists to be in order. There were actually a surprising amount of broken links, all of which are fixed now. Finally, I also took this opportunity to fix and standardize the information on the PCB boards. From now on, it should be easier to keep everything updated properly and prevent bad links.

November 24, 2018
PAL section complete

I currently doing some site accounting. The first thing I did is go through the PAL section of the website and made sure there are links to every game. Since Kester W has done the monumental task of scanning every single PAL game, every PAL exclusive game now has a page with cart and PCB scans. Big thanks to him! Big thanks also to densy for making the logos for these games! I still have several hundred scans to go through, but the next task is to fix the PCB section of the site. Stay tuned.

November 18, 2018
Magical Quest Starring Mickey Mouse prototype

I've uploaded an article on a prototype for Magical Quest Starring Mickey Mouse by Jonny. Thanks to an anonymous person for releasing the prototype. Be sure to check out more analysis on The Cutting Room Floor.

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