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Marvel Super Heroes: War of the Gems


Thanks to Lost Levels, Snes Central is proud to present a prototype of Marvel Super Heros: War of the Gems.

Thanks to Ballz, rbudrick, and Gideon Zhi for dumping these roms, and to Skrybe for sending them my way.

By: Evan G
Last updated: December 31, 2015


Out of all the prototypes I have looked at in the past month and a half (note, this was part of a series of releases courtesy of Lost Levels in 2007), this is certainly the least complete (not including the Sylvester and Tweety art demo). It appears that the programming on character actions is relatively complete, and some levels have a semblance of completion.

There are very few enemies in the game at this point. Some of the ones that are there do not have any programmed actions.

There are approximately 16 levels in this prototype. Five stages are initially available in the menu screen, but you can get to more by pressing start and select quickly in succession a few times in stage E. You can use this technique to get out of any stage where you can't die. About half of the levels consist of a single screen, devoid of anything except a floor of "3F" tiles (see right). In addition, there is the training level, a desert level, a Jungle River level, a space level, and a lava level.

If you want to explore a level, you can press "A" to float around.

On the whole, there isn't really much to see in this prototype, except a game that is in the early stages of development.

When I originally released this prototype back in October 2007, it was noted that the sprites were messed up. This was the result of running this game in ZSNES, which has bugs that prevent the graphics from loading properly. I originally thought this was because of some problem with the dump - either bitrot or an underdump. If you run the game in bsnes/Higan, these glitches do not manifest. Lesson: use the most accurate emulator possible.

Prototype - Jungle Level. Note Wolverine's name is shortenedFinal - Jungle Level
Prototype - Training LevelFinal - Training Level
Prototype - Egypt LevelPrototype - Space level
Prototype - Lava LevelPrototype - Boss in the jungle level
Prototype - Title ScreenFinal - Title Screen

Download Rom Here

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