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King Arthur's World / Royal Conquest


This prototype of King Arthur's World is near final, but has a few notable changes.

Thanks to idc for dumping and releasing this.

By: Evan_G
Last updated: August 4, 2018

This prototype is a bit unremarkable compared to the "Havoc" prototype I released a number of years ago. I played the first two levels and didn't notice any differences in them. Perhaps there are some if you dig further into it (in fact, most likely with the fact there is one less unit type), but this is not really my kind of game. There are some small changes in the splash screens and menus. Note that the prototype will not play in SNES9x (and presumably the flash carts) because of an incorrectly set internal header. I've included a patch that fixes this.

Prototype - Initial splash screenFinal - added "Dolby Surround"
Prototype - title screenFinal - changed text colour"
Prototype - sound options, note "surround"Final - changed to "Dolby"
Prototype - Army optionsFinal - Several changes, "army" has been changed to "unit", there are fewer options to add more units, and most significantly, the addition of a unit called "Shield Man".
Prototype - The password board has a bunch of colours on it.Final - changed so the board has only one colour, probably to avoid confusion
Prototype - If you get the password wrong, it says "Error"Final - If you get the password wrong, it says "Incorrect"
Prototype - In victory, the prototype has an elaborate message.Final - you just passed the test

Download the prototype here

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