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Clay Fighter 2: Judgment Clay


Here, we have a fragment of a Clayfighter 2 prototype. Thanks goes to pichichi for dumping and releasing these ROM images.

By: Evan G
Last updated: June 28, 2012

Back in May 2012, six SNES development boards that were used by Interplay came up for sale on Ebay. According to the seller, he got them after Interplay went bankrupt. The auction ended up selling for $305, pretty excessive considering there was no guarantee that there was anything of interest on the chips. There were 11 chips in total in the lot.

The guy who won the auction gave most of these chips to pichichi, and he dumped them and gave them to me. Of the chips I got, five were for a prototype of Blackthorne for the 32x, three were for Clayfighter 2, and one was for Boogerman for the SNES. Unfortunately, there wasn't a complete game in that bunch. The other two chips were presumably for a prototype of Lost Vikings 2, which ended up being sold on Ebay.

I had a look through the chips for Clayfighter 2, and there doesn't appear to be any way to get it to work. The prototype is in too early of a state to be merged with the final version of the game, except to get a crude, incorrectly coloured version of the splash screen. Looking at the ROM chip labels, it looks like there are chips numbered 1, 2, and 4 (out of the necessary 6 chips).

If you just merge the three chips together, this is what you get.If you splice the chips in proper order with parts of the retail ROM image, the colour is different.
Compare with the final version

Not all is lost, though. I found the script for the game in the first ROM chip. It is quite a bit different from the final version. The graphics are somewhat compressed, so I was not able to extract any.

mess with me,and and you'll get a standing eight.don't mess with me, eh!
merry freezemas!aww, did you get some snow on you?
the glob of clay wins the day!twas a pleasure to beat you!
now you will meet your sculptor!now you'll meet your sculptor!
i squashed you like the clay that you are.i squished you like the clay that you are.
looks like you've been bruised!look! you've been bruised!
what's the problem? you got ink in your eye! what were you thinking?
time you to chill!time for you to chill!
i'm bad! i'm cool! you're the fool!i'm bad!, i'm cool, you're the fool!
feel the thunder! it was a blunder to fight down! under!feel the thunder! you bore me.
you'll never find the trick to beating slyck!you won't find the trick to beating slyck!
what you gonna when slyck wraps around you?you win...not!

Picture of the three chips (along with a single chip for Boogerman)
Picture from the original auction

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