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Lufia & the Fortress of Doom


This is a near final localization of Lufia & The Fortress of Doom. It has a few notable differences from the final version. Thanks to Chomel for making this available, and Lestat for dumping it and sending it my way!

By: Evan G
Last updated: May 15, 2015

This prototype is of a near final localization of the game. It probably doesn't have a lot of differences, though I have noted a couple of things:

- The sound when the text scrolls, that was present in the Japanese version of the game, is still in this prototype. For some unknown reason, it was left out of the final version.

- There are a few instances where the word "realize" is spelled the British way "realise". This happens a few times within the script, and was likely not caught because it is not a word in the dictionary lookup that the game uses to compress the text. The use of British English is not surprising. According to Anthony "Doctor Arkanoid" Gurr, who is responsible for convincing Taito to localize the game, Lufia was translated by an Australian person.


In addition, I found a few other spots where the text had changed, but were pretty far into the game for me to capture them. Luckily, there is an entire script dump on GameFAQs, so I can pinpoint where they happen. Here are the text blocks, with the final text in brackets.

In Treck (most likely a Nintendo of America censorship thing rather than localization error):

Captain: My Maberia! Bless (Thank) you!
Anytime you want to go
to Lorbenia, you ride free.
That's my thanks to you.|

In Lyden:

Wizard of Taste: 
I sympathise (sympathize) with the
people. The King's appetite
was becoming intolerable!|

In Aisen Tower:

Lou:   Caught so easily by the
pirates, eh? What a clutz (klutz)!
You haven't changed a bit!|

Closeup of the label, which is a mockup of the final box artwork. It is basically the same, except the first text box says "Determining the outcome of the opening story!" instead of "Battle in the opening story". Neither really makes much sense to me.
PCB - The label says ルフィア - which is just Lufia spelled in katakana.

Download prototype here

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