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Mega Man X3


This Rockman X3 prototype was released by Rockman Corner on November 12, 2016. Thanks to C Davis and many others for releasing this.

By: Evan G
Last updated: November 13, 2016

This is a sample of Rockman X3, dating to August 23, 1995 (about 4 months before release). As far as I can tell, this is pretty close to final. There are minor changes to the graphics and effects, plus the music is different in some places. Various things have been disabled in the sample, such as passwords. I am not going to go through a detailed record of the changes, The Cutting Room Floor is a better choice. There are some Pro Action Replay codes to bypass the disabled features, as noted on the Rockman Corner article:

  • E1FAE0C - for Doppler stage 3
  • 7E1FAE0D - for Doppler stage 4
  • 7E1FAE0E - for Doppler stage 2 - damaged version
  • 00DA390B - enable once X starts automatically walking after defeating Sigma and then disable once he reaches the wall in order to enable the cutscene of Zero using his antivirus attack on Sigma.
  • 7E1FCEFF - to enable I. Tracer from X2 in weapon select, though it will crash the game if you try to use it
  • 0688D91E - to change Horneck's stage music: to the password music
  • 0688D926 - ... to epilogue music
  • 0688D92F - ... to cast roll music
  • 0688D931 - ... to Zero's theme
  • 7E003C01 - use at the title screen to allow you to force select password and view the password screen

I played through the intro stage, and here are some of the changes I noticed:

Sample (note the build date)Final
SampleFinal - the spotlight in the background moves rather than being static, the background colours have been changed.
SampleFinal - Rockman X is held in a different way by the force field during the first mini-boss
SampleFinal - Pause menu screen has different graphical design, includes Mega Man's head beside lives
Sample - some health after the mini-bossFinal - they removed the window here.
SampleFinal - includes a graphical preview of the stage
Front of the PCB
Back of the PCB

Download here

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