Welcome to the SNES site!

The SNES was definitely the best 16 bit system ever released. I hope to make a list with information on every SNES game


Feb 21, 2001
A long awaited update. I'll get at this site in a week

Jan 18, 2001
Changed the site a slight bit. Added a links page

Jan. 11, 2001
I added frames to the site. There are also no empty links anymore. Check in later for more updates, such as more FFII/FFIV codes

Jan. 8, 2001
2nd Update: all of the links below should work, but there may be some empty links in them.

1st update:This site is under heavy construction. Come back in a week and it will be more complete. Each Game will that I put on this site will have a rating and some info on it. In the mean time, check out these codes!

Castlevania IV Game Genie Codes made by me

Final Fantasy II/IV codes made by me

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