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Shinseiki Odysselya


This is a sample of Shinseiki Odysselya. Thanks to Matthew Callis at for dumping and releasing this!

By: Evan G
Last updated: April 3, 2015

Like my last article on Bounty Sword, there is only a limited amount I can say about this relatively obscure Japanese RPG. This prototype was sold on Yafuoku in November 2014. This sample is probably a fairly late beta of the game (judging by the 1993 copyright that is the same as the final version). The title screen is almost identical, except it says "sample edition". When you start the game, it gives some information on the release date of the game. After going through the initial scrolling story introduction (which appears to be the same as the final version), you are thrust somewhere in the middle of the game, with four characters at around Level 20. You start your game in the castle of Ramesses, an Egyptian Pharaoh. Because of this, I can't really make a direct comparison of the game with the final version, except to say that it is not that different from final by the looks of it.

It should be noted that the binary is pretty bare bones compared to the final version (the sample is 8 Mb, compared to the final version that is 12 Mb). They probably stripped down everything, so I would guess that the sample does not let you proceed far into the game.

Prototype - text says "Sample edition"Final
Prototype - does not have a save feature.Final

The sample has some information on the release of the game, notably that it would be released on Friday, June 11th (1993) and would cost a whopping 9500 yen.


The prototype sends you straight to mid-game in ancient Egypt

Meeting Ramesses himself
Battle screen, I didn't notice any noticeable differences with the final version
Picture of the cart from the original auction

In addition to the original ROM image, I've included a header hacked version of the game so that it can work on SNES9x and flash carts.

Download prototype here

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