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King Arthur's World / Royal Conquest


Havoc is a short demo of what would eventually become King Arthur's World. Thanks to Carnivol for this ROM release.

By: Evan G and Carnivol
Last updated: July 12, 2009

Havoc is an early version of King Arthur's World, a Lemmings style puzzle game by Argonaut. According to the label on the prototype, it had the original working title of "Castles". The name "Havoc" made it into the final game as the title of the main theme song. The prototype is in a standard US cart, indicating that this was likely given out in the US (despite Argonaut being a British company).

Image of the cart

The game itself is a simple one level demo of King Arthur's world, with much the same gameplay as the final version. You have the option to purchase several different units, including barrel men, engineers, knights and archers (the final version also has Shield Men, Wizard and Dark Wizard classes). There is no real goal to the level, and enemy units stream in continuously. The game ends when Arthur dies, or after a certain amount of time (about 4-5 minutes, though if you play a second time, there is no limit). In the demo, Arthur does not have the ability to move anywhere.

Prototype gameplayFinal gameplay
Prototype death screenFinal death screen

One of the main differences between this demo and the final version is the control scheme. In the final version, you can use the mouse, and have more options for what attacks your units have. As well, in the final version you can select the amount of each kind of unit gets extracted from the tent, while in the demo they come out one at a time. The L and R buttons in the demo control the unit selection at the tent and the type of attacks the units do, while in the final version those buttons allow you to scroll the map. The demo does not allow you to change the direction your units go.

On the whole, this is a pretty basic demo that demonstrates the gameplay of the game that would become King Arthur's World. The graphics are pretty much the same as the final version, there is no sound, and the control scheme is different. The units also do not have all the features that the final version have. I hope everyone enjoys this ROM release!

Unit selectionGameplay showing all units

Download the ROM here.

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